Welcome to DIG galleries, an exclusive fine art studio in west Essex, Housing pieces from a variety of international artists known for their individual excellence with contemporary prints to sculptures to original paintings and limited editions. We have pieces for any specification and our dealers have a unique eye for creative expressions to match your interior design. Visit our virtual gallery to find your new addition.

The idea for dig galleries was born from the directors love for art and design many years ago, along with his brother they grew up in the family  diamond and jewellery business and always surrounded by beautifully hand crafted items, it was no surprise the interest began to flourish. It was always so fascinating to watch a commissioned piece of jewellery go from a bar of metal and diamonds transform into something so detailed with extreme precision and so highly valuable from the craftsmanship alone. The experience attained in this industry of handling delicate goods and having trained eyes for detail was easily transferable to the art world and the dip it gold gallery experience.

Featured Artists